Surebert Javascript Toolkit is no longer maintained, this is left here for historical purposes. - Javascript Toolkit

Paul Visco's Surebert Toolkit is a complete solution for developing highly interactive javascript based client side applications. Surebert handles most of the inconsistencies between the major browsing platforms (IE, firefox and Safari) allowing the programmer to concentrate on what they want to accomplish instead of the tedious labor of how to make their code work in all the browsers. Surebert's style of javascripting encourages a clean separation of content, design and interactive scripting - making script upkeep, sharing, and debugging easier to handle. Surebert has been continuously developed and tested since September of 2004.

Currently, Surebert™ includes robust, standardized, cross-browser tools for dealing with live server to client communication via AJAX/H/J, manipulating CSS styles, manipulation and selection of DOM elements, event handling, timed events, debugging, handling user input, manipulating strings and arrays, and harnassing the power of ©Adobe Flash. Surebert exposes a javascript API for cross platform flash embedding, MP3 sound playback, flash shared object storage access and progress trackable multi-file uploads. The extremely commented version is 100k, around 50k without comments and the gzipped compressed version is ~12k and includes all the same functionality without the comments and line returns, etc.

The autogenerated documentation is created on the fly from the source code so it is always up to date.

Surebert Toolkit Git Repository

Download surebert from its git repository and place it in the root of your site.

The last stable version

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